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My Favorite Albums of 2016

Opinions are like....

My Favorite Albums of 2016 (Mills on Wheels)

It’s the time of year where journalists and music fans alike are publishing their list of the “Best Albums of 2016.” I don’t feel comfortable enough use my opinions to call anything “the best,” but here are some of my favorite albums of 2016. I’ve listed 12 albums instead of 10 because I’m the captain of this ship and I can do that!

1. Caskitt – ‘Old Fires New Frontier’ (La Escalera Records) LISTEN HERE














2. PUP – ‘The Dream is Over’ (SideOneDummy Records) LISTEN HERE
















3. The So So Glos – ‘Kamikaze’ (Shea Stadium Records/Votiv) LISTEN HERE

The So So Glos















4. The Murderburgers – ‘!2 Habits of Highly Defective People’ (Asian Man Records / Round Dog Records) LISTEN HERE
The Murderburgers














5. Bracket – ‘The Last Page’ (self-released) LISTEN HERE
















6. Moonraker – ‘Fail Better’ (Felony Records) LISTEN HERE















7. PEARS –’Green Star’ (Fat Wreck Chords) LISTEN HERE
















8. Up For Nothing – ‘Swindled’ (It’s Alive Records) LISTEN HERE

Up For Nothing















9. Plow United – ‘Three’ (It’s Alive Records) LISTEN HERE

Plow United















10. Brutal Youth – ‘Sanguine’ (Stomp Records) LISTEN HERE

Brutal Youth















11. Almost People – ‘Songs For Best Friends’ (Anchorless Records) LISTEN HERE














12. Dark Thoughts – ‘Dark Thoughts’ (Drunken Sailor Records / Stupid Bag Records) LISTEN HERE

Dark Thoughts

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